Monday, June 23, 2014

Painting Class - On Fabric

I took a Craftsy class from Annette Kennedy to find out how to use the Tsukeniko and Pebeo fabric paints that I have accumulated and been frustrated with.  These two quilts are her design - she is a fantastic teacher, and internet classes are the way to go.  The painting is done on pre-printed fabrics - mostly batiks.  (Be sure to enlarge these.)  The quilt sizes are about 13" x 9", and I also did the quilting.  Facings finish the quilt, rather than binding.  Loved doing these.
P.S.  Which of these do you like better?

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Ann said...

What a fun project. I like the second one best. We already talked but I wanted to put it in writing - just in case the road turned to water!!