Friday, July 25, 2014

The Angelic Look

Granddaughter Mandy and her third child - Aline laid claim to the book that goes with the United States puzzle, and read it every chance she could get - right side up, or upside down.  Doesn't she look like an angel?  However, the evenness of temper was temporary.  She was entranced with the magnets on the fridge.   The favorite is a frog purchased some years ago from a neighbor who was raising funds for the band.  All four feet are on springs, and each one is flat with a magnet in its feet.   Even Dallin, who is much older, took time to play with that one.  Aline tried more than once to carry off a magnet so that she find another hiding place for it.  Every time I asked her to put it back, the lower lip came out and quivered, and she stood still in place, not feeling very friendly at all.  Mean grandma!  Fortunately, there were other toys to play with.

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