Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Quilts to Show.

 Rainbows - Exactly how I feel about quilting - or expressing myself in any art venue.  So these are some of the best quilts from our local quilt show.  (Louise, these are for you.)
 This wonderful hand-appliqued and embroidered top was one of my favorites.  Unfortunately, the picture of the whole quilt didn't turn out, but these details give you an idea of the wonderful talent Leslie Bergesen has.
 Another detail of the quilt - animals and plants along with the houses.
 Houses and trees - dogs and cats.  See why I love this quilt.

 This quilt was in a place where I couldn't take a picture of the whole quilt.  The quilt was composed of individual small blocks, all hand appliquéd.  And the quilting was superb.

 The quilt below was made by my friend DeAnne from Franklin.  She and her sister each made this quilt.  They first made the medallion in the center, with the trapunto, appliqués and pieced triangles, and skewed squares.  Then they decided to put appliqués on the final border.  The result is a very beautiful quilt.
 Detail of the center.


Ann said...

The quilt really are beautiful. I love the houses. Maybe it's time to make a quilt of Penrose????

Judy said...

The houses are the winner for me too! Kinda reminds me of the house quilt you and Ann made.