Sunday, December 11, 2016

My New Sewing Machine Cabinet - Making Life Easier

Warning:  Dwight and Steve might not be interested in this....As I reach an older age (81+), I wonder how much longer I will enjoy making quilts and playing with fabric.  I made the decision last spring to purchase a new sewing machine - it's wonderful - snips the thread, gives me all kinds of options, semi-threads the needle (doesn't like the size 70 needle that I like to piece fabric with, but I can live with that.)  However, the new machine is much longer than my older machine, and so I was doing make-shift sewing, until I purchased this cabinet from my local Pfaff store - the cabinet is made in Provo, and the lowering and raising of the machine is done electrically!  Love it.  However, the purchase of something like this is like buying a set of large dominoes.  When daughter Julia and her husband Mike came to see us, Mike and I went shopping in Logan, and purchased my cabinet.  Julie and I hurriedly emptied the older cabinet, so that the new one could be installed while we still had company.  Now comes the domino part - Three new drawers to partition and sort and use.  And sort and sort and sort.  After sorting machine accessories, needles, etc., I started working on the tubs of fabric and fabric scraps that we had to move in order to install the new cabinet....What a project.  In my important papers, I found an article I had saved with a way of organizing those scraps  so that they would be more useable.  So, first I sorted according to color, style, etc., and then am dedicating about an hour a day to cutting into fat quarters, l0". 5", and 2-1/2" squares.....Hopefully, we won't have a houseful of company for a while, because the upstairs guest room bed is full of fabric.
 In progress - Organization does not happen overnight.
 This part folds up and is supported by legs that clip into the back.
 The drawers are wonderful - I used storage partitions purchased at the local variety store.
Almost finished!

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Judy said...

Now you will be able to find everything and S P R E D out. Very nice!