Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spring Has Come - Sort Of

 All of the tulips are either blooming or ready to bloom, bringing a lot of cheer to this rather dreary, cloudy day.  Pink in the front flower bed.
 Daffodils by the sundial.  (No sun, so they help brighten the day.
 Pansies and violas in the tubs that Mary Lynn planted for me.
 And, tulips in front of the living room window.  All of the bulbs seemed to benefit from the extra moisture we've had this winter and spring.  They are blooming in abundance.
And this tulip is my favorite.  It blooms at the side of the house, and even though it's been planted for over ten years, the blooms are just as large year after year.  As the bloom "ages", it turns lighter and lighter, ending up a lovely pink-white.  I'm so glad we were graced with beautiful flowers.