Thursday, June 27, 2013

Great-grandchild # Twelve

Oh, the marvels of modern science!  We used to wait for the mail to come to receive family pictures - and they weren't often taken so easily nor so quickly as the one above.  Now, we get a phone call from our daughter, Dorothy, the proud grandmother, who lives clear across the country, and a follow-up e-mail from an also-proud grandfather, Ken, sending this picture of a very new-born baby, who has been named Jet Andrew.  On occasion our grandchildren do choose very original names for their babies.  Anyway, congratulations to Sara and Phillip, as well as all of the proud grandparents.  This newest member of our family is very welcome into this world.  Who knows what contributions he will make to the world?


Ann said...

Congratulations to all. What a beautiful, wide eyed addition to your family.

Judy said...

Ann said it right. Your legacy lives on! Congratulations.