Friday, June 7, 2013

It's in the Bag!

 Reverse sides of the bag
 Little purse to go inside the bag

 The frogs are dancing because I finished the bag.
Not in order, for sure - The inside of the little purse to go into the big work of art tote.
The bag is finally done, and I can go on to other things!  Ann used her influence to help me discover the fantastic web site of Crabapple Hill Studios, located in eastern Washington State.  She made a quilt top last winter, called "Over the River and Through the Woods." that had lots of embroidery on it.  We are re-discovering this relaxing art!  Anyway, this tote was pointed out to Judy and me, and I asked Louise to check it out.  She opted out of the project, but Judy and Ann are making their own version of the tote.  I went first, and wish that mine were bigger, but I am finding out that it holds more than I thought it would.  What satisfaction to finish this project successfully and end up with something that you couldn't buy.


Judy said...

You did do embroidery panels on both sides!! Your bag is lovely. I hope you get to use it tomorrow.

Elizabeth said...

It's Conference - Who will notice? (Is that why I made it?)