Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quilt Show in Preston

 Last week I was very involved in our local quilt show, called "ThePreston Piecers' Hometown Quilt Show"  We have held the show for the last 9 years in the Larsen-Sant Libratry community room, which isn't very large.  The quilt stands were made by a member and her husband out of PVC pipe, and bean bags were sewn to help stabilize the stands after we had a near disaster when a little boy tried to play dominoes with the quilt stands on one side of the room.  (That was a few years ago.)  The quilt in the middle at the back was a gift to our retiring librarian (30 years of service), with the money for the purchase of fabric, batting, and quilting being given by the Library Staff and Board, and the actual quilt designed and sewn by members of the Preston Piecers Quilt Guild, of which I am a charter member.  We had 62 quilts in all, some king, queen and regular size, and others being wall hangings, table runners, crib quilts, and one miniature (mine).  It is a lot of work to put on a quilt show, but the people who come are very appreciative.
 This is just a portion of my favorite quilt.  It was a very long, narrow wall hanging, designed by a mother-daughter team. Lots of use was made of wool and other fabrics, special buttons (even two mice), and lovely quilting.  It was truly a masterpiece.  I can't remember if it had a name, but if it were mine, I would call it "In The Meadow".
And, I am delighted to see that red work is coming back.  This beautifully embroidered little Sunbonet Sue quilt was really eye catching, and I loved it.  It always amazes me that very ordinary people create such beautiful things.


Ann said...

What beautiful quilts. I do love the one you are calling "the meadow". Do you feel as though you are tucking things away for the winter, after the quilt show, with new projects to tackle.

Elizabeth said...

The yard is "tucked" away, but the ideas for projects are growing optimistically.

Judy said...

Is it really this long that I have not been on your blog? Beautiful quilts to behold. There is no end to possibilities and you show that every time. Inspiring.