Monday, December 23, 2013

Four and Twenty Birds that Are Black

The big apple tree at the corner of our lot and our neighbor's orchard is seldom free of fruit in the winter, because the apples are small and difficult to pick.  However, it does offer food to traveling birds.  This flock settled in to eat the fruit or just rest from their travels.  Couldn't tell what kind they are - it is so cold, and they are all fluffed up.  Enlarge them to see the red apples and the birds - if you are able to identify them, make a comment.  Anyway, the tree is decorated for the holiday season.  Unfortunately, the neighbor's grandson fired up a snowmobile to have fun in our lots, and scared them away.  The tree waits for the next occupants.


Judy said...

All birds do not go south for the winter, only the hardy stay behind.

Ann said...

Personally I think they are telling each other it is way to cold and they need to move on. Brrrrr.