Friday, December 27, 2013

Part of our Christmas Traditions

 Some traditions are new - this Santa and Mrs. Santa (Do they have first names?) usually end up somewhere in our house at this time of year.  A gift from children.
 This is Julia's corner - She and Mike sent holly, and the blue Santa is one that she painted and gave to me for Christmas quite a few years ago.  He is very special
 Dorothy and Sara and their families spoiled us with a lovely centerpiece - In this world of artificial trees and greens, it's nice to actually smell an evergreen bough.
 The Wedgewood onion (another gift from Dorothy and Sara) hangs from our chandelier every Christmas - a perfect reminder of many things in our lives.
And this little Christmas tree always sits under the mirror at the entrance to the living room.  The fired clay Santa has holly in his pack - Many of the little ornaments on the tree came from our stay in Germany    More tomorrow!

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Julia said...

I love all your beautiful Christmas treasures! Thanks for sharing them!