Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Down by the Riverside

This long-ago wintry day was celebrated by Louise, Judy, and me with a walk down to the river in the snow.  We were dressed pretty warmly, but it was the idea of the photographer (me) to have them pose in the snow.  Dumb idea, but the pictures, taken with the old Baby Brownie, turned out okay.  Louise must have been  working away from home,and was home for the weekend.  Maybe you remember?
Anyway, these are good memories - I would probably have forgotten this time, except for the pictures that remain to tell about it.


Ann said...

Looks soooo cold. Love these photos.

Judy said...

I'm sure Elizabeth made me feel important to be included with the older sisters. Otherwise, I'm sure I could not be persuaded to go out in the cold. I wish I would have said, "Here, let me take one of you."