Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Birthday Gift From The Gourd Lady

This is Ron's birthday present from his sister, Evie, who is truly a magician with gourds.  This bird house will not hang out in the trees this summer, but will be put where we can enjoy it.  The carefully and precisely carved design had to take a lot of time, and the effect is a "wow".
 These two pictures are the back of the gourd - Love the dash of turquoise - it sets everything off nicely.
 This picture shows a more true color of the gourd.  So glad that Ron had a birthday to celebrate!

The rather ugly winter weather must be blamed for the hiatus in the family blogs, with the exception of Dwight and his Curmudgeonly Professor, which keeps the wit and pictures coming.  We have had bitter cold weather, but the sun in the daytime has eroded the edges of the snow so that some of the grass is showing.  And this morning there is a light, steady snow to chase the inversion away.  As we live in the north end of Cache Valley, our atmospheric effects from the inversion are not as heavy as Logan, itself.

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