Friday, February 28, 2014

Friendship Quilt Block

This is the trial block for my contribution to our guild's friendship quilt that we're making this year.  I have made a few design changes, but, essentially, this is how my block looks.  It tells a story about the things I like to do.  I am sitting at the computer, have books to read, a small quilt on the side of the desk,  a picture on the wall (like to paint or sew pictures), and a genealogy pedigree chart.  Here I am - stick figure and all.  Now, I just have to finish embroidering another 14 blocks.  Oh, yes, and all of the other blocks will have me wearing my favorite color, yellow.  When you enlarge this, you will see all of my mistakes, but that makes this qualify for "folk art".  When we exchange our blocks in September, It will be fun to make a quilt of all of my friends interpretations of themselves and their favorite things.


Judy said...

Don't forget to mention the flowers in the vase. The happy lady looks just like you! Very profitable investment of time.

Judy said...

I love this more every time I look at it!

Ann said...

Very clever. And a lot of work. What a cute little gray haired lady you are!