Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snap-top bags

 It's always difficult to know what to give neighborhood children when they have birthdays - and we have such cute neighborhood children.  These bags aren't very big - just enough to hold a few treasures.
 A little girl's bag has to have a ruffle or two -
I love the internet. Just by searching, you can find so many wonderful things to make.   One of the ladies in our Preston Piecers quilt guild found this pattern last fall.   The most unique part of the bag is that the casings at the top contain pieces of a carpenter's tape measure, cut to measure the length of the casing, and then trimmed and taped several times with either masking tape or duct tape to keep them from cutting through the fabric.  When the pieces of tape measure are inserted correctly, the top is sealed with a satisfying snap, so that nothing can tumble out.  Now, a few treasures, and these are ready for gifting.  The neat thing about this bag is that it can be made much larger, or smaller (coin purse), and I can think of a multitude of uses, from a coin purse to a wallet. - or even larger for who knows what?


Ann said...

Very clever!

Judy said...

I can't believe that I didn't tell you how cute your bags are! Lucky kids who get them!