Friday, January 6, 2017

Update on Our Winter

 So much snow yesterday.  No animal has yet walked across our back yard - old prints are just dimples in the snow.
 The snow is so high on our roof - the worry comes when the rains begin, because tenth whole thing gets heavier.  One year, while we were wintering in Arizona, our neighbor decided that we needed to have our roofs de-snowed (a new term).  So, he hired a father and son duo, and they didd a great job.  A friend took a picture of our front yard and sent it to us with the comment, "You can't come home yet - you wouldn't be able to get into your house. "  Truly, the piles of snow came up to the eaves.
 Our wonderful driveway and front sidewalk - cleared three times yesterday by good Samaritans in the neighborhood.
The large evergreen at the corner of our neighbor's lot branches over our land, sheltering the water hydrant.  At least you can see it.

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