Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anniversary Time

Thirty-two years ago today, Ron and I were married in the Seattle Temple (Bellevue, WA).  Lots of family was there, including Daddy and Mother, whose cancer was in remission for a couple of months. It was a foggy day, but a wonderful day, as we were surrounded by family and friends wishing us well.  This picture was taken a few years later - (we don't look like this anymore) - shared life experiences have resulted in gray hair or less hair, a few wrinkles, and some other inevitable outward differences.  Because we married in our middle years, we realize that in order to make it to 50, we would have to be in our late 90s, which isn't likely to happen.  Over the years we have shared many wonderful experiences with our combined family, and have experienced sorrows, too.  We find that, as we grow older, that enduring to the end has a special connotation that we did not really envision, but we are determined to do the best we can.  Life goes on, and we are grateful for each other.


Judy said...

How I remember your wedding day at the temple. It was warm enough that I did not wear a coat.
You have written a beautiful tribute to Ron and the life you have shared with him. I bless the you two met........the rest is history......good history. Happy Anniversary!

Julia said...

Happy Anniversay!

Ann said...

I am so late chiming in, but have been a little preoccupied with stuff. Does it seem as though the years have flown by?
What a blessing it is that you have each other. The number doesn't really count, you have done so many amazing things and gotten through some very difficult times, and having each other has definitely been a tender mercy. Love you lots, Ann