Monday, January 28, 2013

Big Snow

 The burning bush at the front corner of the house is loaded with snow from our big storm yesterday - about 13 inches as we measured it.
 Neighbors came three times and ploughed us out - Dorothy's rental Priess was covered - ice first, and then snow on top.  The snow had settled a bit by this morning, but Ron had fun cleaning it off before she left for Salt Lake.
 One thing about snows like yesterday's is the sculptural quality of the trees as the snow piles up on the branches - the whole orchard looked like a Japanese etching.  This old apple tree was spectacular.
But, the sun came out, and when you enlarge these pictures, you will see that the snow is beginning to leave the top branches.  Still, there is a lot of beauty to a snowstorm, along with the inconveniences that it creates.


Judy said...

The snow is beautiful, but sorry that Dorothy had to travel in it. We assume that she made it safely to the airport.

Elizabeth said...

She did - then had to wait for hours for her flight at midnight. Quite a sacrifice.