Monday, January 28, 2013

Save Me!

Yesterday's snowstorm began early and didn't end until after we went to bed at 11 p.m.  Ron went to all of his church meetings, but Dorothy and I stayed home - cleaning out the driveway to get the car out didn't seem a good option.  Her rental car is so laden with snow - I'll get a picture later this morning.  However, this scene really amused me.  When my dear neighbors cleaned out my flower beds last fall, they didn't remove all of the extra things that I put in the garden.  This one is a metal frog that is on a very long rod.  It looked to me like he was either waving hello, or for help - "Get me out of here!"  Who knows.  Many of the men in Church were sent home early to help dig their neighbors out.  Our neighbor cleaned the drive-way with his herky John Deere snowblower, and it was all clear when Ron got home.  We are grateful to be the recipients of the Good Neighbor policy.

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Judy said...

We're very grateful for the people who watch out for you.