Friday, March 8, 2013

Posey Patch Quilt

The weather continues to be cold, but snow is beginning to melt.  Progress for the weather report for today.  (Snow this morning, but it didn't do much.)  Now, about this quilt.  In 20000, Ron and I went to stay at Tanner's, Ron to take a wood-turning seminar, and I  to help Ann recuperate from her diverticulitis surgery.  As the week went along, Ann began to feel better, and since she knew there was a quilt show in downtown Provo, it was logical that we should go to it.  And so we did.  The quilts were wonderful (This was the Utah Quilt Guild's annual Quiltfest, which I didn't know anything about then), and we enjoyed ourselves, finding chairs for Ann to rest so that she wouldn't get overtired.  Quilt vendors were there also, and we didn't take much time to shop, but the kit for this quilt, which included all of the fabric for the top, was for sale at Mormon Handicraft.  I already owned the book, so it was logical that I should purchase the kit.  I came home all fired up and made two blocks.  That was enough for me to realize that this is a quilt that, if done properly, takes a lot of time.  So....away into the box it went for another day.  This year, 2013, is the other day to finish up projects like this.  I chose some construction techniques that were much easier than my original blocks, using fusibles and machine stitchery.  I'm sorry to say that the quilt has a few flaws in it because of my "hurry up" techniques, but it is a happy pattern, and, hopefully, will make somebody happy.


Ann said...

I love the end result!

Judy said...

The way I can tell that you are not all just talk (like me) is that you always have beautiful end results to show. Charming quilt!