Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pretend it's Spring/Summer

Yesterday, Ron was at a neighbor's house, and he was surprised to find him out in the yard with his snowblower.  We have had piles of snow on the ground since before Christmas, and he wanted to see if there was any grass under all of that snow.  So, I decided to find a picture from last summer just to remind us that spring will come (although March has already failed its' duty) and things will get green again - the grass will grow and will need to get mowed, and it will get too hot in July and August and we will complain about that, perhaps yearning for cooler weather.  We are winter weary, however, and impatiently waiting some snow melt and see if any of the plants lived through this frigid winter.  Forecast for today?  100% chance of snow/rain.  We'd prefer the rain.  Is there really a perfect climate in a perfect place?  Perhaps heaven?

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Ann said...

If we think it, it will come. Spring IS coming!