Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Morning

The winter has been extra harsh this year, with a January that saw below zero temperatures for most of the month, and deep snow that covered the ground from before Christmas to now when there are still a few patches left in shady places.  I wondered if any of the bulbs in the ground, or perennials would come back this year.  Glory be!  On this Easter morning, hope is alive for all things, because this tiny iris has given us a bloom to remind us what this day signifies.  May everyone have a beautiful day, and have hope in the future.


Ann said...

What a beautiful way to begin Easter morning. May the sunshine continue to find its way to your house.

Judy said...

I thought I had been everywhere there was to be, but obviously not. I just saw your beautiful blue flower that sprouted up for your Easter cheer....and ours too.