Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sara's Blooming Nine-Patch

The Blooming Nine-Patch was a challenging quilt for me - I think backwards, so there is lots of fun in putting it together.  The top picture really shows that I need to press more carefully before this quilt goes to the quilter.  The quilt is too big to go on the design wall, so the bottom crags on the floor and the sides overlap - but you can get the gist of the colors.  I loved the batiks that went into this quilt - We can find such beautiful fabrics today.  I feel like celebrating today to have this quilt this far along.  (As far as I'm concerned, pressing is drudge work, but it's very necessary before the quilter sees this.)  The quilt is for Sara - if she wants it?


Judy said...

Trying to think of appropriate comments to make about this quilt beauty. It reminds me of a water color, the subtle ways that the colors blend into each other. Elizabeth lets no moment pass by without good use. Love the end result.

Sara Ernst said...

The quilt is beautiful mother. I cannot wait to display it. I am so grateful that you find such constructive ways to spend your time. This last year has made me appreciate you even more.