Thursday, May 9, 2013

Roses on Fabric

This was just for fun.  I have enjoyed taking the online quilting classes from a site called Craftsy (one sees their ads all over the place on the internet.)  This one was taught by Beth Ferrier, and involved a different way of doing applique, using pattern templates and glue, and then stitching onto the background and quilting.  There is a machine quilting suggestion that says a person should practice a little bit each day before doing the actual quilting.  I took a real shortcut on this one, so why you enlarge the picture, please do not look closely at the machine quilting.  Still like the colors, and the brightness of the whole piece.


Ann said...

Great job! Craftsy is great for those days when everything else just seems like too much. Now you can go on to your next project.

Judy said...

See what I mean about you sticking to something and get something done to show for it? Very nice.