Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Shamrock Time in May

Last year, our local quilt guild, The Preston Piecers, had a quilt block exchange every month.  A group of us agreed to make the same block each month, and then there was a drawing to see who would win the blocks.  One of the nicest things about the blocks, is that each one is signed by the quilter who made it, so I'll have reminders of these good quilting friends for a long time.  Try enlarging to see if you can see any of the names.  Although I'm certainly not Irish, I won the March drawing, and ended up with 15 shamrock blocks.  Nine went into this little table topper, and the remaining six will be divided into two table runners.  The leprechaun in the middle block came from a book of transfers that I have; he was enlarged and then colored with crayolas - (back to the fun of school.)  His gold coins didn't gleam enough, so I had to satin stitch them.  The neat thing about this quilt is that it is so seasonal, that I can finish a bunch of other quilts before I need to get this one done for next March.  Because there were some months when there were two sets of blocks, we ended up with an extra set of December blocks - a stocking.  I won the drawing for those blocks, so I'll have to get creative with them.


Ann said...

What a nice treasure. Your quilting friends have given you a lot of fun times. I really like the leprechaun.

Judy said...

How cute is that! Do you often win things?
Who knew that we would be using color crayons at this stage?