Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tulips and a Blaze of Glory!

These are my favorite tulips.  I wish I remember what made them so special.  They have been planted in this spot south-west of the house for years, and always come up in a blaze of glory, as well as being the same wonderful big blooms.  (all of my other tulips seem to get smaller and smaller every year, but I refuse to tear them out and plant new ones.)  Tulips are so amazing - along with daffodils and hyacinths, they really bring spring to our mostly chilly climate.


Dwight said...

Nice, nice.

Judy said...

Remember those old "seasonal palettes"? Well these tulips are definitely in your Autumn colors and they are beautiful.

Ann said...

Just catching up on important stuff. I hope your tulips survived the crazy weather of the last few days. Pretty posies that come up year after year are wonderful presents.