Friday, February 1, 2013

The Five Plus

 The addition of spouses and three grandchildren add to the mix.  (Oh, yes, and mother, too.)

The years go by, and people change, but it is wonderful to have all five of my addition to our combined family come to their step-sister Jennifer's funeral in Olympia.  Their presence was much appreciated by all, and it was good to see them in one place, after many, many years.  Dorothy and Sara came from North Carolina, Tony from Las Vegas, Pat from The Dalles, and Brig from Sequim - all of the trips a sacrifice, but not even considered in that light.  Thanks for family solidarity.


Ann said...

What a beautiful family and what strength there must have been for you and Ron to have everyone there for support. When dark days come, and I know they will for all of us, nothing can ever replace a hug and a smile, especially from those who are such a sweet part of our lives.
Thank you for sharing these photos with all of us.

Judy said...

I'm just sorry that all of the chatter and laughing was not recorded with these pictures. Even though it was a sad day, it was a great moment in time, a significant accomplishment to have these kids together, supporting their family.