Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flowers for Cheering Up

Snow has covered the earth for a long time - we can finally see most of the street, and some of the dried grass under the evergreen trees is beginning to show.  The weather continues cold, although we do have sunshine today, refuting the weatherman's prediction of snow.  Ron recently had a bout of a very severe flu virus that sent him to the emergency room of the hospital Saturday morning, with a stay of two days.  I thought that I would escape, but it was not to be - after friends took me to emergency, we ended up in side-by-side rooms.  My stay was short - only about 16 hours.  Julia and Mike sent us these Get-Well Flowers - a beautiful bouquet of favorite flowers that brightens our days. We think of other friends and family who are coping with injuries (Ann's broken leg and ankle, especially, and Benjamin's scoliosis surgery recuperation), and hope that things will get better soon for all with the coming of spring.

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Ann said...

Isn't it fun to have spring to look forward to? The seed catalogs are sitting beside me and will be perused more closely than in past years. What beautiful flowers. They should help bring the sunshine inside.