Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Soft Baby Quilt

Our family had it's own royal baby - a little boy born to granddaughter Sara and Phillip.  (See earlier posting of the baby.)  They did choose a name right away - Jet Andrew - which is a little different.  Anyway, every new baby needs a soft quilt, and I'm down to making simple ones these days.  When I wanted to make quilts for Dorothy and Sara many, many years ago, I consulted my mother, and she told me to cut 6" squares and lay them in a straight furrows design (diagonal), layer with backing, batting, and top and tie them, which I did.  This baby quilt isn't much different, except I did secure the sandwich with machine stitching, which you can see in the detail.  Now, it's on it's way to Arizona.

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Ann said...

Cute baby quilt. I suspect it will be well loved.