Thursday, July 25, 2013

We Go to Idaho Falls for the After-Graduation Day

 Bethany and Benjamin - in Denton and Taylor's apartment.
 Sonja, who has risen to the occasion with every new challenge that comes her way.  Her children still go to her for advice - experience is the best teacher, and sometimes someone who has been there helps us avoid some mistakes.
 Denton and Taylor - the new graduates.  Taylor still will do her student teaching in the fall at Ammon, just a little south of Idaho Falls.  Denton began work today at his new job in Idaho Falls.  Big steps for these kids who are really no longer kids!  Congratulations!
Bethany - the chic college co-ed.  She is working this summer for the college at maintenance - earning some money will help school ambitions.  Fun and talented young woman.

Seeing grandchildren grow and become independent is very satisfying.  It is refreshing to be around these grandchildren,  who are going ahead with their lives with great optimism in the future.  We had a delightful day with them and their mother and younger brother.

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Ann said...

What a neat way to spend the 24th of July. Am glad you made the trip.