Sunday, July 7, 2013

Little Miracles Do Happen

Years ago, we were in Florida, and I remember seeing amarillys planted in the ground, and blooming beautifully.  Mother loved them, and would carefully nurse her bulbs so that they would re-bloom every year.  The blooms are spectacular, and never resort to anything less than a display that inspires awe at the beauty of their creation.  Over the years, I have purchased bulbs or had them given to us, and enjoyed the blooms, summering the plants over on the back patio, and then putting them into a dark, dry retirement as instructed.  The only result was that they grew more leaves when the bulbs became active again.  Not this time, however.  Year before last, two pots with bulbs and leaves got put into the garage in a rather secluded place, and they were forgotten.  Since last year was not the best year, I never even thought of them.  However, Ron got them out a couple of weeks ago, and lo, and behold, some leaves were beginning to come.  Same old story?  Lots of leaves, no flowers?  I actually got a little ambitious and re-potted the bulbs, and here is the miracle.  Two blossoms on the lighter-flowered plant, and four blossoms coming on the darker flower.  And I don't care if it's Christmas or not - just to have the beautiful show is a real treat.

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Ann said...

What a beautiful treat. Does this mean we should never give up?