Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cousins Forever

Sara and Ross were born about 5 months apart.  When we lived in Seattle, they had the opportunity to play together fairly often.  In later years when I was teaching school in Powell in the 70s, Sara, Dorothy and Ross enjoyed each other very much.  (I think they all had teenageitis, which involved some smart remarks, etc.   There were tears in 1976 when I was preparing to go to Germany, because they "might never see Ross again." That turned out to be not quite true, although each went on his or her path - none of them smooth.  It was good to see this picture that Judy took while we were in Washington in January.  Thank you, Judy, for your contribution of taking all of my family's pictures.  They are very special to us.

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Judy said...

Family ties.....forever important.