Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Snow

When I taught music on the Arapahoe-Shoshone Indian Reservation in the long-ago world, there was a 1st grade song that went, "Oh, it snowed last night, it snowed last night, The sky bears had a pillow fight...."   And, it certainly did.  Anyway, yesterday the snow had melted enough on the sundial that we could actually see part of the top - and then came last night's snow.  And we are looking for more tonight and tomorrow night.  More fun.  Thank goodness the snow blower worked for Ron, and I  shoveled out the front sidewalk.  The hard part is that as the path gets deeper, one has to throw the snow higher on the piles at the sides.  And our poor Christmas deer are completely buried - but the red and white greeter hanging from the light pole may stay there until spring - no climbing through that mess to retrieve him.  The neighborhood kids do love this snow.  As the front-loader scoops up the snow from the culdesac, the operator piles it on the edge of the property, making wonderful places to slide - right in one's own front yard.


Ann said...

The snow is beautiful. The shoveling ? Not! Love the trail look to your sidewalk.

Judy said...

All of that snow is yours? This is a winter to remember.